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Customer Service – Top Down Strategy

In order for customer service to improve, everyone in the organization from the CEO down must truly believe it’s the right thing to do. That philosophy has been key to the success of Masergy, a Texas-based global leader in managed networking services and cloud communications for Global 3000 through Fortune 100 companies. While Masergy employs [...]

The Care and Feeding of Customers

It’s not enough to have a great service. Customers are demanding more elaborate attention and higher levels of service. They are not just buying a product but a relationship. So you’re looking for an easy way for your company to make more money? Be nice! It’s a simple but powerful mantra that’s sweeping through North [...]

Employee Innovation

Upgrading Your Recognition Strategy According to a 2013 white paper published by the Recognition Council, recognition and incentives can be a vital tool for motivating employees to take personal ownership of their work. However, managers will soon need to upgrade their approach to recognition to keep it effective. Recognizing Achievement in the Future Mobile recognition: [...]

Activating the Inner Entrepreneur

Depending on the position, hiring workers with entrepreneurial experience is not always possible or appropriate. In some cases, the best strategy to build an engaged workforce is to lay out a clear path to success within the company. This gives employees a good reason to be innovators and proactive problem-solvers—if they do, they will likely [...]

Hiring the Entrepreneurial Employee

Another strategy for creating an engaged workforce is to hire employees who have an entrepreneurial point of view. This is particularly important for growing companies that serve or solve problems for customers since these businesses require workers to have a fair amount of interaction with clients. In fact, the more complicated the problem being solved, [...]

Fostering A Culture of Safety Reduces Costs; Increases Profitability

Fostering A Culture of Safety Reduces Costs; Increases Profitability By: Donna Oldenburg Accidents happen…and, according to recent research out of UC Davis, they are happening at an alarming rate in the American workplace. The study estimates the national annual price tag for occupational injuries and illnesses is $250 billion. Professor J. Paul Leigh who authored [...]