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Recognition Strategy and the Audience

Top Performers are Listening Recent research suggests that disengagement is brewing at the very top of some organizations. Just when many companies are beginning to stabilize after the economic downturn, the best producers are reporting that they are under-appreciated, overworked and under-compensate. Despite a lack of recognition, these workers continue to perform for their own […]

Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

Suppose you wanted to design the best company on earth to work for. What would it be like? The London Business School explored the question for three years and concluded that an ideal organization operates at its fullest potential by allowing people to do their best work. They discovered six imperatives that should serve as […]

Papa John’s Delivers on Promises – The Everyday Heroes

The leadership at Papa John’s understands that it takes an army to deliver on the brand promise and create a great-tasting pizza every time. “The 100,000 employees that get up and run our stores and make our company great—those are my heroes,” Schnatter says. For that reason, the same rewards given to Schnatter and Thompson […]

Papa John’s Delivers on Promises

Serving better pizza through a culture of mutual respect and recognition It all started in a renovated broom closet in the back of a tavern. That’s where John Schnatter, Papa John’s founder and CEO, sold his first pizza. Today the company boasts more than 4,000 restaurants worldwide and was rated No. 1 in customer satisfaction […]

Incentives in Action – Reaching the Customer & Program Results

Not all Top Marques participants are direct employees of Daimler Trucks; some work for independently owned dealerships, which have been very supportive of the incentive program. “Even though these sales executives are employed by someone else, there are the same rigorous expectations of them being professional representatives of the brand,” said Mark McCowan, director of […]

Incentives in Action – Mercedes-Benz Australia Shifts Gears to Improve Top Marques Program

How do you take a successful sales incentive program and make it even more effective? Mercedes-Benz Australia’s Top Marques program, designed to reward sales executives in its Daimler Trucks dealer channel, had been well-received when it was introduced back in 2005. But in 2011, after floods devastated eastern Australia and caused a decline in the […]